Great toys at great prices are what you’ll find at ASDA Toys.? With name brands such as Disney, Peppa Pig, Hannah Montana, Leap Frog, Thomas and Friends, Fisher Price, and more you’ll easily find toys for children of all ages at a price you’ll love.

Some of the toys that you can choose from include dolls and play sets, action and construction toys, puzzles, animal figures, toys designed specifically for preschoolers, gadgets and games, and outdoor toys.? The selection of toys available makes it simple to find toys for gifts or when looking for exceptional playthings for your own child.

ASDA Toys is your perfect resource for dolls and play sets.? When choosing dolls you’ll find all of the top characters such as Bratz, Disney Princesses, Barbie, Dora, and Hannah Montana.? You can also choose dolls based upon the age of the child that you are shopping for.? Making certain that the dolls and toys you select are not only affordable, but are also suitable for the age of the child is an important factor to consider.? When selecting dolls for other children, always make sure the doll and doll accessories are recommended for children in that age range.

From trampolines and climbers to bikes and scooters, you’ll find a wide variety of outdoor toys to ensure children have plenty of active play.? Characters are not lost on outdoor toys and you can find a great selection of name brand bikes, scooters, and cars.? Outdoor play is an integral aspect of a child’s development.? Ensuring that children have safe, fun toys to play with is of the utmost importance.? When selecting outdoor toys for toddlers it’s imperative to select from toys that are designed for children according to their age.? At ASDA toys, it’s simple and easy to find toys by a child’s age and ensure that you are selecting toys that are not only fun and enjoyable, but are safe and age appropriate as well.

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I ordered a little car from here and it was delivered in 2 days!! I wasn’t looking for this in particular, just something fun for my little boy for outside. The site was so easy to use, I was in the right place in no time and I’d never seen this version of the car before so I thought I had to get it!

Thursday 4th June 2009

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