John Lewis is a breath of fresh air in a world of ‘same ole’, ‘same ole’ toy stores. With free standard delivery on everything (at the time of writing), delivery is one item you don’t have to factor in.

It seems that this site was designed for stressed parents that need a break from busy, cluttered, overly chaotic toy stores. Simple form factors, muted colors, linear design, and super-sleek order processing ensure a customer is satisfied and happy throughout his shopping experiences.

Would you believe that a wooden trike designed for classic beauty exists? Unlike plastic coated with bright and obnoxious colors, this is one toy that adds a decorative touch to the house in which it stays. Stuffed animals, dolls, and wooden toys all fit into the site nicely and add that little punch of sanguine uniformity to the overall classic beauty of the store’s general and superior motif.

Easy sub-divisions on main categories ensure that you can shop by type, room, furnishing, appliance, character, brand, interest, recipient, and so on in an easy-to-understand, intuitive browsing mechanism. More importantly, you’ll get the job done without spending more than a couple minutes browsing. Big pictures outlined in a grid format is simple enough for anyone with two eyes to understand. It’s designed for you, the customer, and, unlike big toy stores in the busy streets, it takes only a couple minutes to buy. Customer service page is decked out with all the tips, questions, concerns, queries, answers, and search mechanisms a curious customer could want, and there’s even more because a telephone number is listed prominently. This site has nothing to hide. It loves its people, and it makes a difference in the world through its integrated shopping mall online. It’s all very beautiful. Well-rounded and cool-looking, this mart has something that most don’t – class, character, and fun.

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