If you are looking for top selling toys and games that are sure to be a hit with any child, then you will want to pay a visit to Smyths. Smyths carries all of the top brands and features the most popular selections in childrens playthings. Their products are geared from infants to teens and they carry a wide selection of outdoor toys and sporting equipment as well.

When you first visit the site, youll see that they offer plenty of customer resources to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase and are not stressed out from your shopping experience. You can visit Smyths’ brick and mortar locations and shop from many of their late night hour stores, or you can reserve your items online. The store locator tab at the top and left side menu tabs.

Youll also find that you can view the online catalogue that contains all of the products carried by Smyths by clicking on the top or side tabs. In addition, you can choose to sign up for email notification of special offers and discounts. You can simply add your email address and choose from the categories that the site offers; toys, baby, outdoor and wheeled, games extra, and special offers. Once you have signed up, you will be notified by email of any specials that the company runs.

At the top of the site youll also find that there is an A-Z Index tab. This tab allows users to browse the site by an alphabetical breakdown of all of the categories. They range from Action and Adventure to MP3 players to Xbox and Xbox 360. There are lots of products available at Smyths and youll find that their special deals offers many unbeatable prices and are a great savings. Whether you are shopping at Smyths online or in on of their stores, you will be satisfied with the quality of their toys and products.

The Smyths toy store in Borehamwood has closed down, Friern Barnet is the nearest replacement for the Borehamwood store

Smyths Toys , 2nd Floor Block 2, Galway Financial Services Centre, Moneenageisha Road, Galway, Ireland (www.smyths.com) listed under All Toy Shops, County Galway, High Street Stores, Order Online, Paper Catalogue and Reserve Online

58 Reviews of Smyths Toys


i found this shop great

Thursday 24th April 2008
Mrs F Winthrop

the staff at the borhamwood store are not only very helpful they are also very welcoming thanks it makes a change from the staff at toys r us who couldnt give a s…

Thursday 29th May 2008
Miss Bartrop

Excellent toy shop, staff friendly and helpful, they approach you if it appears you need help but dont pounch on you. they have started offering a delivery service but the delivery costs and time scale are very disappointing.

If you have a Smyths near you its well worth a look, as good a range as Toys r Us but better prices and best of all they look after their customers.

Thursday 29th May 2008
Mr Smart

Smyth toy superstore is fantastic I went to Smyths in Chadwell Heath last month and found the customer service of staff extremely outstanding, I enjoy shopping at Smyths and spending time there with my children, I found the store manager at the time very helpful, professional, polite and he had great product knowledge, overall I will not be shopping at Toys R Us anymore as Smyths customer service in 100 times better.

Monday 2nd June 2008

Had a look at a slide on the Smyths website today, found the one i wanted so i visited the Borehamwood store, well what can i say! Staff VERY helpful, explained how the slide is built carried the HUGE box to my car and loaded in for me, followed by a “Thank you for your custom, have a nice day” now that is what i call service! Top Marks to Smyths and the manager who served me.

Thursday 5th June 2008

All toy shops should be as helpful as Smyths, did you hear that Toys Are Us?

Wednesday 23rd July 2008

Happy friendly staff and the Racin' Ramps Garage i purchased was £3 cheaper than Toys Are Dear

Monday 4th August 2008

I find this shop great value for money they always have the stock you want and latest toys a lot cheap than other toy shops

Thursday 25th September 2008

i really like this shop,they have always got the stock you want and its a lot cheaper than other toy shops,staff are very kind and helpful,my little brother said the shop is realy good and he did not want to come out of there he said he wants to stay there

Sunday 28th September 2008

Smyths Toys are a breath of fresh air.Thay have a range to suit all ages,the prices are just right with a very good percentage of goods. The web site is bright crisp and clear.I am also glad that they have openend a new store in the southeast of england.Which is well needed for all to be enjoyed.The staff have excellent manners and fullfil there dutys with a smile.

Wednesday 5th November 2008

My daughter has looked through the catalogue, listed what she wants with codes, prices etc. I have been online to go an reserve and am absolutely disgusted by the difference in price to the catalogue. On 4 items totalling 64.00 approx in the book comes to 90.00 online. I think this is outrageous

Saturday 29th November 2008

I visted our store (Ramsgate/broadstairs) a few times in the run up to x mas and what can i say FANTASTIC, Not only did they have everything i wanted but the prices where lower too, Add that to the friendly and helpful staff yes both friendly and helpful now thats not something you get very often, On 2 occasions i had help to not just carry the heavy boxes to my car but load it all in as well,Only a shame i couldn’t take them home to help at the other end!Im now taking my girls there to spend there x mas money! Good job to you at SMYTHS

Sunday 4th January 2009

In response to Cheeekyme’s comment, I have found the total opposite. I haave been shopping in the Mitcham store since they opened 2 Christmases ago and what I have found is that the catalogue price is always the highest price. I have been in on multiple occasions and found some of the most popular and hard to get toys heavily discounted. I can only imagine you were looking at the “was” price instead of the “now” price, a great tool they use to show how much money you save in Smyths.

Wednesday 18th February 2009

Shopped at the Borehamwood Smyths today, staff helpful loads of stock. Will use again, Toys r us you have lost another customer you miserable bunch!

Tuesday 14th April 2009

The Thanet store is a disaster zone with a very rude and unhelpful Leader. Avoid at all costs

Saturday 18th April 2009

Do never buy any Nintendo or toys from Smyths store in Derry, because they are terrible in refunding or repairing under warranty products. Their toys break very fast and easy and top manager is very rude and don’t want to hep anyhow at all.

Thursday 21st May 2009

Poor customer service in Bangor, Co.Down. Wrote a letter of complaint a week ago, not even acknowledged as yet. About sums it up!

Monday 7th December 2009

well i think the toys in there is great but i once bought a ds game in there and it didnt work so i brought back and got a new one but they the bestest ever

Friday 1st January 2010

Smyths superstore at castlevale Birmingham, very unhelpful customer service via phone,
repeated phone calls and not once have they picked up and answered, and its been three days!
i remember having this trouble a couple of months back,
I’m unable to get to the store easily as its far away from where i live so phoning to enquire about items is my only option otherwise,
absolutely useless!

Sunday 3rd January 2010

Smyth’s Thanet Westwood Cross – I bought a Nintendo DS for my wife’s birthday and found it to be faulty. Returned it to the store for a replacement and they refused, stating that they thought is was not faulty (there was a fault with the speakers – a buzzing sound). They flatly refused to help me – my son was in tears at the end of our visit. No help offered, no duty manager available to talk to me. I contacted Nintendo Service who repaired the DS postage free with no problem whatsoever. Since then, I will never shop at Smyths Toy stores as I have never been treated so appallingly badly by anyone in any store.

Sunday 7th March 2010

Tried the Friern barnet Smyths as Bwood has closed, what a dump! too small miserable staff and i got 4 items, one was labelled £1 less than the till registered, the shelf said “20% OFF the clevemama range” at the till they denied it, i showed them the label and it had expired 3 weeks ago! WHY LEAVE IT THERE! i got the discount in the end, wouldnt of bought a thing otherwise. Never had this problem at Borehamwood.

Borehamwood closed and the nearest is cr#p in my opinion, so back to toysrus from now on.

Friday 9th July 2010

Obviously staff training or customer service are not high on the list of priorities with smyths toys. I foned on a saturday to ask a store to check availability of 3 items that I wished to purchase and that I would call on tues to purchase as it was my daughter`s birthday on wednesday. I was abruptly informed that they could not hold the items beyond today, I asked surely you can hold for a couple of days, no we cannot that is our policy. I asked to speak to the manager and was replied with “are you serious”. After a while the deputy manager took the call and reiterated the policy. I said if that was their attitude to customer service I would from now on take my business to a competitor. That was fine was his reply. The result is that smyths have lost my custom for good. Obviously no recession at Smyths.

Saturday 10th July 2010

Anna from Derry above, it would seem it is not only “the top manager is very rude”

Saturday 10th July 2010

and to add to my above comments, phoned toys r us, they have what I want in stock and are happy to hold for me untill tuesday “just go to customer services sir and the goods will be ready for you” Goodbye Smyths

Saturday 10th July 2010

I love Smyths! I live in the uk and order online all the time. I always recieve my goods within 1 or 2 working days. I have needed a replacement before and the person I spoke to was very helpful, the goods were sent out on a day to suit me and the courier took the replacement.
Everthing is very cheap

Friday 30th July 2010

Smyths at CastleVale has changed considerably since last time i went . . . .and for the better!
They are much easier to reach by phone call now,
and when i enquire about an item they are very obliging to help out and go check for you if they have them on the shelf,
and if you have a little’un with you they don’t mind you’re child having a little go of the larger toys to keep them happy,
also the products available are fantastic, most that are unavailable in this country,
i wish i could remove my above post now, as they’ve changed drasticaly,
CastleVale store, i love this place! and recommend it everyone.

Saturday 28th August 2010

Purchased Vtech Video Camera on line for my grandaughter, Arrived promptly but wrong camera!!. It was a princess Disney DIGITAL Camera which we already have.Paperwork that came with parcel clearly states video camera.They are not even the same price. Have e-mailed yesterday and today, tried customer service line, but only answering service informing me that the mail box is full!!! This fdoes not bode well.

Thursday 23rd September 2010

You will be glad to know that courier arrived to take away wrong camera and deliver correct video camera. Did not have any communication from Smyths Toys as regards this problem. Spent a week worrying about this and had weitten letter to Galway (headquarters) to complain about problem. They really need to look at their customer service as extra e-mails are returned and the phone line is only an answerphone and mail box perpetually full. An e-mail acknowledging problem would help.

Friday 1st October 2010

The worst experience of online buying ever. Purchased a scooter and the wrong size was delivered. Took almost a month of repeated emails and phone calls at 90p per minute just to finally get the goods picked up. Once they collected they only offered a cheque as a refund (which is fine) but another 3 weeks later I am still chasing for the cheque and sending emails to their aweful customer services team!

Monday 18th October 2010

Purchased twin dolls for twin girls birthday. Gift arrived and was unopened until the birthday. upon opening was a cheap barbie doll. . . awaiting reply (watch this space!)

Wednesday 20th October 2010
Concerned Mother

Telford store, bought our 2 year old son a bob the builder toy only for its eyes to fall off an hour later, this toy was for ages 1+, my son could have choked on this, staff not interested and were very rude when we returned product and not only that they refused to check safety of product and told us to leave the shop as they were waiting to close, not once have they apologised and the product is still being sold on the shelves, so much for safety first, we’re just thankful our son is ok. Will never be shopping in there again, toys r us so much better value for money, suggest smyths sort out their customer relation skills. Terrible experience

Wednesday 20th October 2010
Dreadful Service Avoid Smyths Toys

Brought a toy from Smyths online shop. The wrong toy was sent. Multiple emails sent to ask them to exchange but ALL EMAILS INGNORED contrary to the information on the Smyths website that states all emails will be answered within 3 days!
Avoid this website and this company and take your business elsewhere, I know I will be.

Thursday 4th November 2010

i purchased a fliker scooter online on the 12th october its now the 8th november and it still has not arrived i have sent them numerous emails and they wont reply back i have even phoned the customer services but no luck in getting through AVOID!!!!

Monday 8th November 2010

Appalling cusomer service for dangerous product

I bought a bike from Smyths in Frien Barnet which had faulty brakes. The bike was put together by Smyths, so I returned it, wanting a refund, which the manager refused. He then refused to speak to my lawyer on the telephone, saying that their policy was not to refund on bikes. This was incorrect, and after emails from customer service and from my lawyer, I showed him that I could return a bike if unused. He then relented, but was highly unpleasant, and rather frightening. I will not be returning to the store.

Thursday 11th November 2010

I looked on the web for universal rain cover for single buggy at Chadwell Heath store. The site showed that there was 8 in stock, so I went the following day (17/11/10) and asked at the counter and was sent to the place where they should have been. I couldn’t see any. Saw a member of staff in that area who said she was in the middle of doing something but she’ll be back. I waited, get fed up and returned to the counter and said I couldn’t see any universal covers where all the covers were stored. The other person came to the counter and said she couldn’t see any either. I asked for them to check the stock on their computor. The person on the counter looked and said is it Graco you’re looking for? Having said UNIVERSAL about 4 times by now, I reiterated that I wanted a universal one. She agreed that there should be 8 in stock, but that some had become damaged (all 8?) and there might be some in the store room, in a box. It was obvious that no-one was going to volunteer to go and look, so I left, emptyhanded, having travelled 5 miles and wasted 1 and a half hours of my time and petrol.

In this time of recession and I note that there was many reductions in the store in the hope of attracting people into the store, then I feelthat something should be done to either say…1) staff to get a contact number from me so that when they do go and look and see if they are in the store room they can contact me and let me know that they have reserved it for collection, or 2)say that if that fails, then they will try and locate one from another store and again let me know when it will be in for collection. I should not be telling you how your staff should react in an effectivc customer service manner. So here is someone who is not going to return to any of your stores and will let others know about the disservice, which is not how a compnay should be riding out a recession. Does anyone from your Customer Services Dept look at these notices and respond to them?

Thursday 18th November 2010

Order on-line from Smythstoys.com…FORGET IT! Half the delivery arrives smashed inside a van whose interior looks as though it’s been in a scandinavian rally, then send a complaint when the “automatic” replacement process fails to kick-in, and…as I said, forget it – because Smyths have! No replacement, no refund, no communication of any kind! “we will endeavour to respond to emails within three days” Yeah????? WHICH 3 days would that be then?

Thursday 18th November 2010

We placed and order last weekend for a baby swing chair online. I checked yesterday to find out delivery info as we live on a RAF base and need to inform the guardroom. It tells you to call your local store. I did this and was told they could not help me as it is a 3rd party delivery company they use. Eventually the girl i spoke to told me should would take my order number find out and call me back. As you can guess this never happend. I called again today to be told they could not help me they could only confirm the order has gone through. How thick are they? I know it has as i received a confrimation email on the day of purchase. I have since decided to cancel this order and use another company but am having trouble getting through to anyone. Im having a baby next week. How annoying. Do not use them they are unhelpful and can not be bothered to find out the most simple information. Very angry!!

Friday 19th November 2010

Do NOT order from the smyths online. I ordered 2 items 4 weeks ago which still have not turned up. All the contact numbers on the website do not work and nobody answers emails.
After 2 weeks of trying to contact them I asked my local store to contact them and pass on my details…. someone actually phoned me, while I was out, and just said the parcel was delivered (not to me!!!)
Finally after a lot of searching I found a number which works, for their head office (0035391743600). Still not helpful but at least they found the parcel at the depo were it has been sitting for 3 weeks….
I have asked for a refund which they say they will do… but not very hopefully.

Thursday 2nd December 2010
Feeling Conned

Ordered online in november, it took 2 weeks to eventually arrive. All my emails ignored and phone unanswered and to cap it all an item was missing. Still 3 weeks later no joy in contacting them.
Learnt a valuable lesson DO NOT EVER ODRER FROM SMYTHS TOYS unless you want hassle and to spend money upon items that never arrive.
This is one of the most incompentent money grabbing companies online, they should be ashamed of their customer service and their inability to fulfill an order.
Will never ever use this place again.

Saturday 4th December 2010

Ordered Toy Story Bullseye on the 19th November with delivery expected 2-6 days. No update on web site besides (awaiting shipment) by Dec 1st so emailed them and got no reply. Emailed a further 3 times and received no reply. Today tried to contact them to cancel the order as i found the toy at a local Toys R US, customer service number goes straight to a voice mail that is full so you cant even leave a message. Have sent final email asking for a refund or I will be applying for a refund from my credit card company. Absolutley shocking service and would never use again , after being used to a real onl-line merchant like Amazon.

Wednesday 8th December 2010

Smith Toys on line has the worse service I ever met. I ordered some toys 3 weeks ago, I tried the premium number provided on their website, so I can track the delivery of my purchase, but nobody ever answers. I don’t know know who to contact, as they don’t answer my emails too.

Wednesday 8th December 2010
Another Unhappy Customer

Ordered Christmas present on 23 November, Was charged on the 23rd.
2 weeks later nothing has been dispatched, emails are ignored, phonecalls are not answered.
They’ll take your money ok, just don’t expect to get anything in return.

Wednesday 8th December 2010
And Another Unhappy Customer....

My problems are as above regarding the worst customer services i have ever encountered!
Emailed to cancel order – no response, so tried phoning the numbers supplied on the website and they also went to answerphone. So then the items arrived 1 week late and i had by now sent 2 emails trying to cancel them which were ignored. So have phoned my local symths westwood thanet, they were very helpful but i can not return my items there because when you order on line the delivery note does not say how you payed so the they can’t refund me on the card i payed with. All they can do is give me credit for their store, and to be honest after this fiasco i really don’t want to ever give them my money again!
So have now sent my third email asking to return my items – watch this space

Friday 10th December 2010

Ordered online and they sent me a the wrong thing, emailed several times and they never respond. If you want to phone them up they rip you off by charging 71p a minute. Absolutely the worst online service ever.

Friday 17th December 2010
And Another Very Unhappy Customer

I ordered a Megablocks toy costing £49.99 for my grandson on 22nd November and the money was taken from my visa account the next day. I expected delivery within 6 working days.I was told I would be contacted by the carrier.
When nothing had arrived by 4th December I e-mailed them and got no reply. I tried phoning them and no reply: the message box was full up. I was not prepared to use the other number given at 70p per minute.
I e-mailed again on 7th December and told them to cancel my order. I order the toy from Amazon and it arrived in 2 days.
On the 8th December, with no prior contact, a carrier arrived at my door with a battered parcel, stuck up with brown parcel tape. The box was completely smashed open and not in a state to give anyone as a present. I could not even ascertain that all the pieces were there.The courier advised me to reject the parcel. I did this and he took it away. E-mailed Smyths again. No answer. Wrote to Smyths yesterday sending copies of all my correspondence. Haven’t got much hope of a reply so need to contact Visa next.Obviously I will never use them again.

Wednesday 5th January 2011
Yet Another VERY Unhappy Customer

Ordered a Little People Rampway for my daughter’s birthday at the beginning of December 2010 from the Smyths online store. It took about one week to arrive. Came unopened and with another parcel containing football trophies for someone else! I was unsure whether the Little People Rampway had missing pieces so I decided I would return it to Symths for a refund. Purchased a new one from Argos cheaper!

Spent two days trying to contact them by phone – all unanswered. Sent three emails – all unanswered. Sent a recorded letter on 17 December 2010 demanding a refund and collection of my order – unanswered!

The order remains in my garage awaiting collection and I have not been refunded.

I have contacted Trading Standards and will be taking Court action if I don’t hear from them very soon.


Thursday 6th January 2011
And Another Very Unhappy Customer

Following my posting on 5th January 2011, I have heard nothing at all from Smyths. Last week I contacted Nationwide VISA and am very pleased to say that they have already refunded my money. This is the first time ever that I have had problems ordering on line and obviously will never use Smyths again.

Thursday 3rd February 2011
Unhappy Customer

I came to this shop amd found the toys ok but one staff member was very rude!! I was looling at toys with my 8 year old son who is into bakugan and the shop assistant came over and said that bakugan wasnt popular anymore and that ‘its all about beyblades” i said to him dontsay that please and he continued to go on and on about bey blades i thought this was very VERY RUDE!!!! Will not be going to any smyths store again if this is the kind of staff they employ!!!

Monday 7th February 2011
Very Happy Online Customer

After reading the negative revews about Smyths deliveries on here I was a little nervous about the order Id placed!
However after placing the order mid afternoon on tuesday it was delivered thursday afternoon and there were no problem at all with my order, an additional bonus was I received a text message on the morning of delivery giving me an hour time slot which meant I didnt have to wait in all day!

I would highly recommend Smyths home delivery!

Wednesday 9th February 2011
Marcus Urch

ordered a large mini mouse plush cuddly toy from the online side of Smyths,as i don,t have a store near me , when it turned up it looked liked it had been kicked around the warehouse,as it was dirty and looked used after no reply to email i finally got hold of someone who told me i had to send it back initially at my expense and they would then send anoher one upon reciept of goods and then refund postage not good enough i should not have to go through this hassle is their no quality control at the distribution centre

Friday 25th February 2011

i bought a toy 4 a 5yr old boys birthday party from smyths in rayleigh essex and it doesnt work and they wont replace cos i lost the recipt and they expected me 2 leave the price tag on!! idiots!!! I also went 2 buy a toy and it had a reduced sticker on it but apparantly is was put on there by mistake so they wouldnt sell it 2 me 4 that price! they are rude and arrogant and half of them dont no what they sell or where it is but they do no how 2 stand around and do nothing and look gormlous!!!

Wednesday 16th March 2011

Smyths Toys Derry has 2 new managers in the store. Better shop now than it was before

Monday 25th July 2011

Smyths Derry best experience from the word go, staff realy helpful and couldnt do enough

Sunday 28th August 2011
Brenda Sutherland

thank you for very good service my grandaughter received from your assistant at smyths

Friday 30th September 2011
Robert Jones

Placed order on line totaling over £50 pounds to take advantage of the free delivey.
Hours later has this e mail response:

“Thank you for your order. Unfortunately we could not process your order and it has been cancelled”.

No explaination to why it was cancelled and checked website, items still available to order?

Great customer service SMYTHS TOYS………. NOT :(

Sunday 16th October 2011
Very Happy Repeat Customer

I have been using Smyths toys shops for years both in Galway and in Beckton. I have never had any issues. The staff are lovely and very helpful. My kids love to go there. They have a great selection of toys and lots of stuff at “pocket money prices”. I also find that they are cheaper than Argos and Toys r us.

Saturday 29th October 2011

Smyths Toy Store in Derry has improved 100% since the arrival of the new manager, he has turned that store around from the dark old days of poor customer service and staff not knowing which way was up. I done my xmas shopping there only to find on xmas eve as i was sorting the presents a broken toy. I rushed to the store to be greated with calm and understanding not only did i get my replacement i even managed a smile. Every department would bend over backward for you and know what they are talking about. Highly recommend.

Tuesday 31st January 2012

I love that shop,if they only do a second floor it would be fantastic and if they make something like buy one get one half price.Anyways that is the best toy shop I have ever seen. I have seen lots of adverts on the TV.

Thursday 12th February 2015

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