The amazing InnoTab from VTech is an interactive gaming system for children that brings learning to life. With this fun handheld toy, your child will be able to explore reading, maths, spelling, the sciences, and much, much more. As they play with this multimedia tablet made especially for children’s growing minds, discovering new lessons and using their imagination becomes an exciting and fulfilling experience. The InnoTab comes complete with brilliant applications like the creative art studio, interactive globe activity, and e-reader. They can even be entertained with videos and photographs. This tablet toy can be used with all the favourites from the Kidizoom Range of products, and parents can browse and download additional games, lessons, and apps online. The VTech InnoTab comes with the InnoTab USB cable to plug in to your computer at home.

Foster a sense of creativity and imagination with artistic activities and stories that come to life. The touch-screen InnoTab allows your child to take an active role in creating works of art and in learning maths, science, and other integral subjects. Empower your little ones to build problem-solving skills with applications designed to develop critical thinking and logic. They can practice spelling and reading to improve fluency and confidence. Memory games and interactive graphics help cognitive development and keep the brain active and healthy. There are so many fun and educational apps to choose from, your child will never get tired of playing games on their very own innovative tablet.

The InnoTab is specifically designed for young children to stimulate the mind and inspire a love of learning. Perfect for kids ages 4 to 9, this multimedia toy makes lessons in anything from geography to vocabulary engaging and accessible. Children love the LCD touch-screen and g-sensor, interactive games, and fun visual graphics. Parents love knowing their little ones are gaining useful skills and knowledge.

Vtech Innotab Max 7 Blue
Vtech Pink 7 Inch Innotab Max
Vtech Innotab 3 S Pink Tablet Disney Pixar Toot Drivers...
Vtech Innotab 3 Pink Inc Battery Pack
Vtech Innotab 3 S Blue Inc Battery Pack
Vtech Innotab Max 7 In Blue
Vtech Innotab Max 7 In Pink
Vtech Innotab Max Pink
Vtech Innotab Max Blue
Vtech Innotab Baby
Vtech Innotab 2 Blue
Vtech Innotab 3s Pink With Rechargeable Battery Pack Pink
Vtech Innotab 3 Baby
Vtech 3 Baby
Vtech Blue Innotab 3
Vtech Pink 3
Learning Tablet Pink


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