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Innotab Dora The Explorer
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Day It Two Ways Dora
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Leapfrog Tag Book Dora The Explorer
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Dora Explorer

Dora the Explorer is a character on an animated television series of the same name, which originally aired in 1999 and is shown on the Nickelodeon cable television network. In nearly every episode of the series, Dora goes on an exploration trip to help someone or to find something. Dora is an interactive character in that she asks her viewers at home to help her out, often with finding new ways to reach new places with the help of her map, another animated character in the show. Dora is bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English, and she helps to teach children Spanish by using both languages in her show.

Dora is a musician, and has displayed skill in playing the wooden flute. She also enjoys sports, and has played on a baseball team and has played soccer in the past. Her best friend is named Boots, and she openly loves both Boots and her family. Dora spends little time indoors, though she still values her family which resides in her house. In addition to teaching viewers Spanish, she also teaches about the customs and influences in her household as she has a strong family dynamic. Dora the Explorer is a popular animated televisions season that has spawned a spin off as well as several video sales.

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