Wood and Tots

Wood & Tots are an exciting online store in East Sussex for educational wooden toys from a sustainable source,such as Pintoy and I’m Toy, along with a wonderful range of quality puppets, children’s books, fun dressing up and toys for baby. For those that love to be creative then Wood & Tots have everything you need to create works of art and crafts, from paints, glitter, paper, card, tools, clay and much much more!

Whether you are a parent, childminder, pre-school or nursery Wood & Tots provides resources at great value for money along with class pack sizes.

Their website is very user friendly and very informative,with links to sign up for their regular newsletter, and a Wood & Tots Blog to find out about activities to do with the children and the latest toys on offer and news of interest to their customers.

Every item will show a picture symbol which you can click on to find out what your child will be learning and which skills they are developing whilst they play, as Wood & Tots say ‘Learning Is child’s Play’.

Great customer service for advice by e-mail and telephone, along with a one stop shop for children educational toys and resources from birth to five years!

Wood and Tots 205 Willingdon Road, Eastbourne BN20 9JP (www.woodandtots.co.uk) listed under All Toy Shops, East Sussex, Independent, Online Only, Order Online and Specialists

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